Everything you need to know about maintaining 4SO furniture

Maintenance is important to extend the life of your garden furniture. By reading about our materials we explain how best to maintain your garden furniture so that you can enjoy them for a long time.



This flexible, strongand weather-resistant material has been present in the 4 Seasons Outdoor collection for a few years now. It is by no means an ordinary rope, the round strands are equipped with a synthetic core which ensures that the rope stretches minimally and does not absorb moisture. The rope is soft, but it isvery water-repellent and UV-resistant.

The suitable maintenance product is CUSHIONS & PARASOL PROTECTOR.



Teak garden furniture creates a beautiful, natural look that appeals to many people. In addition, it is a strong material and requires little maintenance by the natural oils in the wood.

The suitable maintenance products are TEAK CLEANER, TEAK PROTECTOR and TEAK SHIELD.



A big advantage of this material is that it is very light in weight, practical, timeless, and stylish.

All aluminium garden furniture are powder coated, this coating is very scratch resistant and makes your garden furniture even more resistant to the weather, therefore an ideal combination.

As a result, are weatherproof, do not rust, easy to move and are very easy to clean.

The suitable maintenance product is MULTI SURFACE CLEANER.


Stainless Steel

Steel has the property that it is heavy and sturdy, but a small disadvantage it that it can rust if it comes into contact with the outside air unprotected. Oxidation takes place and with that you see rust formation appear eventually. To counter this, all of steel garden furniture are powder coated. This gives the protective layer needed to prevent rusting. Perform periodic maintenance using 4SO maintenance products.




It is a beautiful natural stone and heavy in terms of specific weight.

We don’t just recommend a granite parasol base just for its looks, but also for use with a parasol with a large cloth surface which needs a heavy base to stand solid.

Granite has a high density is an extremely durable material and resistant to frost (unlike marble,which can freeze in winter).

The suitable maintenance products are STONE & POLYWOOD CLEANER and STONE & POLYWOOD PROTECTOR.


Cushions and Parasols

4 Seasons Outdoor cushions feel comfortable, almost like the sofa or the chairs that are indoors.

The cushions areweather resistant, the fabric has all kinds of unique properties. The dye isadded at an early stage so that it is present in the core. This makes thefabric colour-resistant, UV-resistant and water repellent.

It is important to keepyour garden cushions clean. Prevent rotting leaves from affecting the fabric,or prevent nasty spots caused by bird droppings. Use your garden furniture andcushions responsibly by storing your cushions when you are not using them for along time. Almost all cushion covers are removeable and can be washed at 40degrees with normal detergent.

Maintains the new lookfor a long time by using the CUSHIONS & PARASOL PROTECTOR.

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