Weber Set 3 Stainless Steel Tools

Ref: 6645

This quality set of grilling tools from Weber consists of a spatula, tongs and fork specifically designed for performance.
Unique soft touch handles create a comfortable, non-slip grip.
Tongs are designed to provide a secure grip on a variety of foods for optimum control and their handle locks for compact, space-saving storage.
Spatula has an angled neck that reaches over the edge of the grill, keeping your hands and arms away from heat.
Fork is designed to pierce food for flipping, turning and lifting, without causing shredding or tearing.
Use them with any gas, electric, or charcoal grill to make your grilling experience excellent and then place them in the dishwasher for simple, easy clean-up. These quality stainless steel grilling tools from Weber are rugged and durable, the perfect set for any grilling occasion.



45 €
Weber Set 3 Stainless Steel Tools
Weber Set 3 Stainless Steel Tools